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42% of laptop owners use them both for work and for leisure

42% of laptop owners use them both for work and for leisure

According to a survey conducted by O+K Research for Kaspersky Lab, many users see no difference between their personal data and work-related information and often store both on one device. 42% of respondents use laptops provided by an employer or purchased themselves for both work and personal tasks.

The survey shows that 27% of Apple owners and 25% of other laptop owners use their mobile devices for work. A personal laptop which is not reliably protected from cyber-threats as well as a corporate laptop used for personal purposes could cause a leak of confidential company data. If compromised, a personal device used for work can cause problems across the entire corporate network. 

The opposite situation, when a corporate machine is used at home, is less common (15% and 17% respectively) but no less dangerous for the company’s data. The situation with mobile devices is very similar: about one third of respondents use modern smartphones and tablets both for entertainment and for work. Blackberry users score higher than most: 26% of those who bought this smartphone use it for work while 18% of corporate devices are also used for personal business. The key conclusion is that a whole range of devices – from desktop PCs to mobile phones – is used to store and process corporate information. 

3-Oct-2012 08:31:07