ADCTA Condemns United States Trade Representative Report

All Delhi Computer Traders Association on behalf of all Nehru Place Computer Dealers is strongly opposing the report published on 13 December, 12 at USTR website and further published in various Paper and Electronic Media by quoting, “Nehru Place is reportedly one of the many markets in major cities throughout India that are known for dealing in large volumes of pirated software, pirated optical media containing movies and music, and counterfeit goods”.

Mahinder Aggarwal, President - ADCTA said that this statement is prejudice and without ground realities. This is the 2nd attempt made by Executive office of the President of the United States to defame the renowned IT Hub of India. He further said that Our Government should take this statement as a serious note and proceed accordingly to force them to withdraw the said false statement from the report and publish corrigendum.

In the current scenario, most of the countries are facing economic recession and India’s economy is still booming. Therefore many big companies / countries are eyeing on Indian market and this report may damage/defame growth of Indian economy, which we cannot afford to tolerate.

SWARN Singh, Jt. Secretary said that from the last 5 years we haven’t recd. any such complaint or heard that even a single case registered against any Computer Dealer / Vendor in Nehru Place by any agency pertain to pirated or counterfeit goods. These dealers have major contribution to VAT (Taxes) to the Govt. of India. In Nehru Place, offices of renowned MNC of all International leading brands are here. They never come up with any such complaint to us. MNC’s are making money from Indian consumers and their Government sitting in USA are making such reports to defame Indian market. The said report is damaging the reputation of Asia’s Largest IT Market with their ulterior motive.

At one place, our Indian Government is supporting FDI in retail segment despite of mass opposition by political parties and Indian public. This statement made by highest authority of USA will start a mass move against FDI operation in India.

Now, ADCTA has taken serious view and in the interest of reputation of Asia’s largest IT Hub – Nehru Place seeking intervention of Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India.

15-Dec-2012 07:40:01