ADCTA Puts a Big Question Mark on Transcendís replacement policy

In most of the cases, consumers see the best face of the sellers and vendors when insist on their products. But they need to face the ugly and the darker face when they get a defected product. For the past two years, All Delhi Computer Traders Association (ADCTA) is striving hard to improve this condition and the association is still continuing their fight against such duplicities in the IT market.   ADCTA reveals  IT WEB QUEST some reality they face in the industry in association with the replacement of defect products. Swarn Singh, Jt. Secretary, ADCTA in an exclusive interaction presents the true picture for all.

When we confirmed about the kind of warranty issues they are facing from the IT industry he said, “We are facing all type of warranty issues. Some are linked with the lack of knowledge of buyer, while some others are linked with software compatibility and the rest are hardware or manufacturing defects etc”. Moving further and informing about the solutions for these problems, he informed that every company claimed that they have state of the art products and their ratio of manufacturing defect is less than 1%. But, during the time of replacement, their common answer is out of stock. They have stock for selling but not for replacement. The manufacturing companies must have stocks for immediate replacement to avoid inconvenience to consumers”. On answering the biggest question of who is the worst vendor in dealing the warranty issues, he straightforwardly said, “At present, Transcend has the worst replacement policy. They are taking more than 2 months for replacing faulty memories (RAM). On the other side informing about the best vendors, he said, “Belkin, Kingston, Netgear and Intex are amongst the best. Companies who are giving onsite replacement are doing great work. In that section, Western Digital (Hard Disk) is the best”. Moving further and answering about the solution for these kinds of issues, he answered, “Companies should have proper stock for immediate replacement and they advertise in clear terms that consumers have to claim warranty from the vendors not from the seller”. Lastly, mentioning about the other issues prevailing in the industry due to the apathy of vendors, he commented, “They are plenty of issues which are pending for very long time. But mainly are linked with warranty, pricing, schemes, refunds, appointing new partners without clearing the account of earlier ones”.

IT WEB QUEST also presented this issue to Sunil Aggarwal from Intratech, wherein after noticing the whole issue, he said, “For proper warranty, please buy material through Intratech. We always provide warranty from our own stock”.

23-Jul-2012 10:38:11