ADCTA welcomes new Indian President

ADCTA team expressed their heartiest congratulations to Pranab Mukherjee for attaining the position of President. Considering themselves as the “Well Wishers from IT Industry”, they wish him all the best in his all future endeavours.

Just see what Market Leader of IT Industry has to convey to new Indian Prez:

Shyam Modi, Chairman - ADCTA expressed joy & pride after the selection of Shri Pranab Mukherjee as a 13th President of India. On recalling his journey, he said – Pranab Mukherjee has received several honors. In 1984, he was rated as the best Finance Minister in the World & in 2010, he was awarded “Finance Minister of the Year for Asia”. “This is the proud moment for India for having him as a President of India”, he added,

Mahinder Aggarwal, President – ADCTA: He is an experienced politician, spend around 42 years in Indian politics on different portfolios, especially Foreign Ministry & Finance Ministry. You can say that “Pranab Da is an encyclopedia on Indian politics”. With his vast experience, he can make his presence felt in Rashtrapati Bhawan also.

HL Gupta, Vice President – ADCTA: Recalling his tenure as a Finance Minister with a mix of results, but he is a Loyal Congressman serving country in its full of capabilities. On behalf of IT Industry, we salute him for his contributions.

SWARN Singh, Jt. Secretary – ADCTA: Pranab Da is a Gem of Indian Politics, intelligent, well mannered, very calm, religious by heart, & soft spoken. During his tenure as Finance Minister, country has seen very tough time but his services were commendable to curb external pressures from world market. Now country has well experienced Prime Minister & President having great knowledge of Finance. We are expecting a NEW & Rising Era for IT Industry as well as for Whole Country.

Ratan Lal Jain, Treasurer – ADCTA: I'm a CA by my profession and I can judge his ability & initiatives during his tenure as Finance Minister. He implemented many tax reforms. He scrapped the Fringe Benefits Tax and the Commodities Transaction Tax. These reforms were well received by IT. Wishing him good luck for new challenges as a 13th President of India.

Ravi Jain, Executive Member – ADCTA: Dear President, Force your Govt.  to educate India 100% .To restrict corruption, upgrade society and build self respect the education can do that. Only Education can reduce the population.

Kamlesh Jha, Executive Member – ADCTA : We feel proud & honored to have such an intelligent person as President of our country, who has taken lot of decisions to develop and guide numerous ministries with his great passion, enthusiasm, quick decision making power and attitude in past.

26-Jul-2012 05:44:02