Adit Infratel Selects Kalarthi Enterprises as Jaipurís Consignee

Adit Infratel Pvt Ltd has appointed Kalarthi Enterprises as its consignee for Jaipur, Rajasthan.  This move would help the company to streamline and expand its operations in Rajasthan, an important market with immense growth potential.

Kalarthi Enterprises would be responsible for managing distribution of Adit Infratel’s brands:  Advent and EBAK, which would effectively address stock availability issues while allowing distributors and the company to significantly ramp up sales.

On this development, Vikram Kalia, Director Sales & Marketing, Adit Infratel Pvt Ltd, said, “Rajasthan has always been close to our heart and we want to expand our network in the state. Appointment of consignee will help boost confidence of distributors who till now were sourcing the stocks directly from the factory. With Kalarthi Enterprises managing the stock and distribution, the stock availability issues will be taken care of and distributors can scale up their sales. We expect a 200% jump in sales in the first qtr and grow by at least 5 times by the end of the current fiscal, as more and more territories will be opened covering whole of  Rajasthan”.

Pran Singh of Kalarthi Enterprises stated, “We had been looking for expanding our business by venturing into something like this. Collaborating with Adit Infratel is the first step towards this expansion. This is a new line of business for us but we know it is right one as mobility products have immense demand in the market today with growing sales of mobile phones. We will try to manage the operations in best possible way to achieve the growth figure Company is looking forward to”.

12-Apr-2016 12:16:24