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Alok Gupta succeeds R. K. Malhotra as President of PCAIT

Alok Gupta succeeds R. K. Malhotra as President of PCAIT

The Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology (PCAIT), a non-profit association co-creating the growth and harnessing the potential of the Information Technology Industry, elected Mr. Alok Gupta as the President of association for the year 2013-14. The newly elected Executive Council members during their first Meeting unanimously elected Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director, Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. for this post. Prior to Mr. Gupta, Mr. R. K. Malhotra was the President of the association.

 “We are extremely elated to welcome Mr. Alok Gupta as the key role player for the association. We believe he is best suited to lead the council at this stage of the business growth and contribute to our vision & strategies for PCAIT. As Mr. Gupta takes charge as the President, we are affirmative that the association will benefit greatly from his experience and expertise,” commented Mr. V. Krishnan, Executive Secretary, PCAIT.

 "In todays interconnected and constantly prone to risk world, appropriate business guidance can do wonders for the IT industry. Serving this purpose and adeptly living up to the PCAIT mission statement “Work together, Build together, Progress together”; we will together endeavour to deliver greater value. We will focus on all round harmony within the association; between the council and the vendors; council and government; and simultaneously valuing our industry renowned Distributors, Sub distributors, Solution Provider and Dealers in association,” commented Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director, Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. “As PCAIT manages more than 70 % of IT business in Delhi-NCR so for better productivity we have already formed 5 different committees.  I look forward to working with our team to continue our proud legacy, along with making PCAIT an apex body of all other IT associations of the country,” he further added.

The council also elected Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Joint Secretary and a Chairman of association as following:

List of office-bearers for 2013-14

 1. Mr. Alok Gupta   (President   )  2.Mr. Sandeep Arya  Vice-Presiden

3.   Mr. Saket Kapur    (  General Secretary)   4.  Mr. P.K. Sharma    (Treasurer)

5.       Mr. Anuj Modi    (Jt. Secretary)  6.    Mr. V. Krishnan   (   Executive Secretary)

(By appointment from 2004)

 Mr. Rishi Kumar Malhotra,    Chairman ( new position adopted by the Executive Council) will be giving guidelines and may not be required to attend EC Meetings.

 New Formed Committees:

 1.  Arbitration Committee:  Consisting of Alok Gupta of Softmart ( Key Member), Anuj Modi, Ajaya Kumar and Kapil Wadhwa.  This Committee will resolve disputes within members, between members and non-members and between members and vendors. It will also periodically keep the members informed about consistent defaulters.

 2.       Government interfacing Committee: Consisting of Saket Kapur ( Key Member), Alok Gupta (Unistal),  and Sandeep  Arya.

 3.  Vendor Relationship Committee:  Anuj Modi (Key Member) Kapil Wadhwa, Alok Gupta (Cache).

 4.  Committee for Interfacing with other Associations: Kapil Wadwa (Key Member),  Anil Gupta (Unistal), Anuj Modi and Sujeet Narula.

 5. Event , PR and Web Management and Membership Committee: Ajaya Kumar (Key Member), S. Nautiyal , Anil K Mangla and Anuj Modi.

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