AMD launches new low power x86 server chips

Advanced Micro Devices has launched new low power x86 server chips, which come as a surprise to many. AMD is release two low Power Quad Core Opteron server chips called as AMD X2150 and AMD X1150. Both these chips have the ability to draw just 11 watts of power and are the best chips to be used in micro servers. These two server chips run on Jaguar Core concept, which is a similar technology used in Xbox and Playstation processors and chips.

AMDs latest low power consuming server chips are named as Kyoto and can be treated as an alternative to company’s ARM chips, which were to be released next year. Last November, AMD came up with Opteron 6300 chips for multisocket servers.

“AMD will come up with more server designs based on KYOTO in the following year”, said Andrew Feldman, Corporate Vice President & GM, AMD Server Business.

In an official statement, AMD mentioned that their Kyoto Chips are ideal to be used for web hosting and cloud deployments purposes.

It is a fact that AMDs Kyoto can be termed as the best compete for HPs Moonshot dense servers, which have the ability to accommodate 45 proliant cartridges in a 4.3U rack,

Due to the increase in mobile device shipments and cloud deployment rise, servers demand is growing immensely. Server count is increasing in the companies like of Google, facebook and Amazon due to the growth of search, social networking and multimedia streaming requests.

So, from the client side, the need for more efficient servers is increasing in data centers added Feldman, who also concluded that his company was getting used to the changes in server landscapes.

AMD is in a hope to fill the need for scalable servers through Kyoto, which is a low power consuming processor. Kyoto offers more cores, bandwidth, performance and larger DRAM support and is packed with integrated graphics processor.

With the kind of features AMD is offering in its newly released Kyoto series of processors, it surely sees an opportunity to boost its revenue and let’s hope that it tastes success on this note.

2-Jun-2013 18:15:07