Amkette Rolls Out the Revolutionary EvoTV

Amkette has recently announced EvoTV, which is definitely the next big thing in consumer digital technology space. The much awaited device is now available, and is designed to make any TV screen interactive, and rich on content.

A unique player in the consumer electronics market, the EvoTV aims to change how consumers interact with their television screens. The flagship product is based on Google’s Android platform, and was developed through ongoing consumer insights and feedback. EvoTV is the ultimate version of a TV add-on device, which addresses demands and needs of consumers in India, and globally.

Amkette, known for its digital convergence gadgets, has launched the EvoTV to make the idiot box at home, truly worth its money. The new gadget comes preloaded with basic apps – including those for gaming, music, videos, and functional ones too; more apps can be downloaded from the Android application market – Google Play. The slim and compact EvoTV comes with ‘Intuitive Touch Remote’, which adds to the look and feel of touch-screen, and redefines the way users interact with the television screen. The EvoTV also enables video calling directly on the television via VoIP and a wireless mike on the remote itself. The ‘Evo Touch’ remote features a capacitive touch button which makes it an ideal substitute for a touch screen interface, added to this a motion sensor and accelerometer also makes it a gaming console.

EvoTV is currently available in Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. It is also expected to be available in 40 cities by the end of August 2012. The revolutionary device is powered by twin processors, ARM Cortex A9 and ARM Mali 400 Graphics Processor to deliver unparallel experience to provide users with an interactive experience, the EvoTV comes bundled with a motion sensing remote, the ‘Evo Touch’, which adds to the look and feel of touch-screen. In- built features like ‘Evo Views’ provide one click user interface, and ‘Evo Discover’, which is an Internet Content Discovery Software. Conceptualized, researched and designed in India (Bangalore & Delhi) for the world, it took 14 months in the making.

EvoTV is available at an MRP of Rs. 12,995/- and at a Street Price of Rs.9,995/- with Evo Touch Remote

30-Jul-2012 06:48:00