AOC Launches Full HD IPS Monitors

AOC has unveiled its latest Full HD IPS monitor, the 69 ID series with Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) technology for the first time in India. The MHL support will basically allow users to directly connect their Android devices to the monitor to get their content on the full HD display

The features of the new monitor include a 2mm bezel as well as an ultra-thin IPS panel for supposedly consistent images from all viewing positions. The 69 ID series comes with a full HD display with a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. The display comes with a non-reflective matte coating. 

The monitors also come with multimedia support for VGA, HDMI, HDMI with MHL as well as DisplayPort inputs. HDMI connects high-definition audio and video in one single cord to other devices, such as video game consoles, external monitors, and compatible TVs. The company is offering the new monitor with a Clear Vision image performance engine as well as a dynamic contrast ratio of 20M: 1.

The monitor’s LED backlight panel requires half the energy needed to power typical CCFL monitors, according to the company. The monitor also comes with power-saving options like being able to set up a timer to automatically turn off the monitor after a user-defined interval. In addition, the Hotkey adjustment of display settings can suit five different kind of viewing styles like text, Internet, gaming, movies and sports.

The monitor is available in three sizes of 22-inch, 23-inch & 27-inch and priced at

Rs 10,990, Rs 13,590 and Rs 20,490, respectively.

24-Sep-2013 17:45:29