Array Networks Inaugurates Office in Kolkata

Array Networks Inc has announced their expansion in Eastern India by setting-up a branch office in Kolkata. This brings to this region Array's award winning line of hardware and virtual editions of Access Gateways, Application Delivery Controllers, and WAN Optimization Controllers.

The Kolkata branch will act as immediate sales and support wing for its partners and customers in the Eastern region. Array Networks continues to build-on its success in selling its solutions to the government sector and this Kolkata branch will create an important local presence from which Array Networks can concentrate and support the government business of Eastern India. Array Networks and its partners will extend the entire range of Array Networks products and solutions to Eastern India market.

The dedicated Kolkata branch will help all the current customers and partners achieve faster service support. Apart from government business, Array Networks will also target defense, BFSI, big enterprises and telecom businesses. Array Networks will also keep its options open to explore other verticals.

Array Networks have always been known for the seamless deployment of solutions, the tangible benefits that customers gain from investing in Array Networks solutions and the ability of Array to deliver solutions with greater overall value to customers. With its strong support and services, Array Networks has recently crossed the 150 mark in their customer wins in the Indian market.

26-Sep-2012 07:35:57