ArrayShield Intros IDAS Two Factor Authentication

ArrayShield has announced that the cloud applications can now be securely accessed with Array Shield's IDAS 2FA. IDAS Pattern based Two Factor Authentication can be seamlessly integrated with any Cloud/SaaS applications using SAML protocol.

With cloud computing becoming a main stream and lot of CIOs actively looking at leveraging cloud as part of their Corporate IT Strategy, security in cloud is one of the key issues to be addressed. As cloud technologies enable applications and data to be accessible from anywhere i.e. from office or from internet cafe, it raises serious security concerns as the traditional security measures that are based on network perimeter becomes obsolete. The CIOs are facing a huge problem in identifying the actual user who has accessed the application, since the employees are able to access the applications from anywhere. And, in such scenario the only security layer that protects the data and applications is the user's password.

The solution suggested by experts worldwide to protect cloud/SaaS applications is to secure the applications using Two Factor Authentication Technology that involves what user knows and what user has as the factors of authentication.

ArrayShield Pattern Based Two Factor Authentication is a method that's cost-efficient and easy to use. It uses sequential pattern recognition and a translucent card to reliably identify users. Users choose a memorable pattern (sequence of cells on the array) as their secret and carry a unique translucent card that masks the grid displayed on the screen. Every time they log on, they are presented with a challenge Array of random characters, which will be displayed on their computer screen. They then overlap the Arraycard and enter those values that are present in their remembered pattern, creating a secure, one-time secret-code at every login. So even if hacker is able to crack the one-time-code as the same is not valid for the next transaction, the user's identity details are not compromised.

18-Jun-2012 17:20:23