ASUS join hands with BYOC

ASUS will mark its presence in the exhibition at the BYOC gaming event this year. To be held in New Delhi during June 22nd-24th, 2012, BYOC is a well established gaming event for avid computer gamers  in India.

Till date, BYOC has 16 successful events to its credit. BYOC or ‘Bring Your Own Computer’ is a competitive gaming tournament where gamers bring their own computers & consoles to connect on a single network (LAN) and play multi-player games. It is an enormous LAN Party with activities like Modding, over-clocking etc. BYOC acts as a perfect ground for gamers of all ages to connect socialize and have some fun. Winners can claim up to Rs.1 lakh as prize money apart from loads of other prizes and goodies.

BYOC is a very unique type of event for gamers from all over the country. The three day event will be an excellent platform for ASUS to support the MECCA for gamers in India.

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23-Jun-2012 05:57:51