Barracuda Introduces Email Threat Scan for Microsoft Office 365

With the number of advanced threats on the rise and affecting companies of all sizes, Barracuda today announced availability of the new Barracuda Email Threat Scan for Office 365. Barracuda Email Threat Scan for Office 365 is a cloud-based service that gives customers an immediate view of their email security posture by identifying latent threats within their production corporate email environments. Barracuda recently analyzed 20,000 Office 365 mailboxes and found that 93 percent of accounts had at least one Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), with an average of 125 threats per account. APTs are sophisticated attacks designed to evade traditional email security filters in order to infiltrate corporate networks and steal sensitive or valuable data.

Barracuda Email Threat Scan for Office 365 analyzes corporate email accounts – across all email folders including inbox, deleted, junk and sent folders – for APTs like ransomware and phishing. Administrators then receive a detailed report of identified advanced threats found in the Exchange Online account, organized by user and mailbox. The report also provides a view into how those threats may have propagated throughout the organization via infected users, and offers recommendations on how to remediate those threats.

Once an organization runs the Email Threat Scan for Office 365, they can use the information to make informed decisions around their email security strategies. With the launch of Email Threat Scan, Barracuda provides a complete, centrally managed solution to detect, prevent and recover against ransomware and other advanced attacks. Email Threat Scan detects latent infections while Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 provides the tools required to prevent new attacks and to backup critical data to recover from an attack with minimal disruption to business continuity. Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 is an easy-to-deploy suite of cloud services that combines critical multi-layer security, archiving and backup functionality, including:

•   Cloud-based Email Security – Extends security protection for Office 365 Exchange Online with additional granular controls, as well as multi-layer security against email-born threats and data leaks with encryption, data loss protection, and content inspection of all emails.

•   Cloud-based Archiving – Assists organizations with compliance retention and eDiscovery requests effectively and easily when used with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and other on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments. The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service offers productivity features, including mobile applications for end users to access, search, and retrieve email at any time from any device.

•   Cloud-based Backup and Recovery – Provides IT administrators with real-time backup that can simplify the process of recovering accidentally or maliciously deleted emails and files in Office 365.

Also available to managed service providers (MSPs), Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 and Barracuda Email Threat Scan enable MSP partners to build a comprehensive email security and data protection offering.

5-Dec-2016 08:53:20