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Belkin Unleashes Gen- Next Routers

Belkin Unleashes Gen- Next Routers

Belkin India has launched a range of next generation routers. The range includes the N750 Dual Band, N600 Dual Band, N300 & N150 wireless routers and modem routers. Boasting of the changed looks, the routers are also smarter from the inside to ensure that the technology inside offers faster, stronger and more robust wireless coverage to fit today's constantly connected lifestyle.

In order to keep moving forward, Belkin developed a new antenna technology, MultiBeam, which utilizes a slot design to deliver a higher gain and improves upon the performance of a MIMO system. The new router chassis are designed specifically to support the new MultiBeam antennas and maximize the MIMO sphere and absolute coverage distance. Whereas traditional routers tend to provide a donut-shaped coverage pattern - flat and wide - the new Belkin routers orient and polarize the internal MultiBeam antennas to provide improved coverage in all directions - more of an apple shape.

Each of the routers offers something different to fit a wide range of lifestyles, but each includes the proprietary MultiBeam antennas, from two in the N150 to five in the N750. Most of the routers also include high powered amplifiers to add more horsepower to drive the wireless signal even further.

The Belkin N750 also has a technology called implicit beam forming, whereby the energy of the radio signal is focused toward the devices on the network instead of radiating in all directions. In terms of speed, the Belkin N750 uses the IEEE 3x3 standards to transmit data on three streams, simultaneously, whereas traditional 802.11n routers transmit using two streams. The third stream gives 50 percent better throughput. Additionally, the N750 also features a Hardware-based Network Address Translation that enables lightning-fast NAT speeds (up to 900+ Mbps) without compromising the performance of the rest of the home network.

The Belkin N150, N300, and N600 DB routers have a significant advantage at maintaining higher network speeds over greater distances in the home. Across the board, these routers maintain higher speeds even at distances greater than 60 feet, which in a home environment means better Wi-Fi coverage, even multiple rooms away from the router's location.

The new Belkin routers improve signal coverage for multistory houses, for all Wi- Fi needs. Belkin routers allow users to stream faster, roam further, and work smarter.

14-Mar-2012 14:37:31