Bitdefender Releases Power Tune-Up A free App for Android optimization

Bitdefender has launched Power Tune-Up, a free app to maximize the performance of Android, while sparing precious battery power and controlling data traffic.

Power Tune-Up, the latest creation of cutting-edge antivirus provider keeps Android users from reaching data traffic limits through notices and thresholds, frees up space to maximize performance and lets you keep on communicating with its Battery Saver option.

Power Tune-Up keeps you updated on the status of your battery, tweaks settings to save power, monitors data traffic volumes to make sure you always know where your limit is, and frees up space from internal memory as well as internal and external SD cards. In short, it maximizes performance and gives your Android a longer, more worry-free day.

Power Tune-Up, fine-tuned in testing since February by beta testers from Brazil to the US to India to Russia to the UK and elsewhere, is available in English and Portuguese and will soon be adapted to Spanish, German, French and Romanian.

23-Apr-2012 06:20:14