Boss Around With Intex’s New Multimedia Speakers

Among the market leaders in sound engineering and its related fields, Intex Technologies has always understands the need of its users. The brand today has launched a new range of portable 2.0 channel speakers, mystifying its users with a price of Rs. 6000 only.

This product is a standalone device in terms of smooth wireless music streaming, where music quality is of paramount importance. It delivers a robust power output of 30W+30W. With the advent of this new product, it has been proved yet again that Intex products have an unmatched level of quality. With a compact size, it makes you marvel at the sophisticated sound quality achieved in a small size which proves the fact that bigger is not always better.

For the fashion sensitive audience Intex has ensured that the product doesn’t loose on its looks thus giving it an eye-catching elegant design that certainly goes a long way with the music lovers. Unlike plenty of other speakers which just offer top-notch audio, DJ BOSS is imbibed with a lot of new and enhanced features like Cordless Mic, MP3 etc. along with an audio aux input which ensures a pleasant and satisfying experience while using this product.

This device is apt for all those who want to indulge into music and have a completely out of the world experience at a great price.

18-Feb-2015 16:53:54