Buffalo Unveils Airstation Wireless -N Router WCR-G300 in India

Buffalo Inc. has launched AirStation Wireless- N Router WCR-G300 in India. The compact yet powerful AirStation Wireless-N WCR-G300 router and bridge with double adjustable 5 dBi antennas is a great way to wirelessly
connect networked devices, including smartphones, at home or office to the Internet.

The double 5dBi adjustable antennas and 802.11n standard on the router combine to simultaneously transmit dual data streams for improved performance and higher data transfer rates of up to 300 Mbps, providing
faster, more reliable delivery of streaming video and other digital content.

This also improves range by allowing the signal to bypass obstacles, helping to reduce dead spots that block wireless transmission in your home. This also makes the router the optimal way to link smartphones onto into a home or office network for trouble-free streaming of video and music. The Wireless Distribution System (WDS) on the router further expands wireless coverage with other BUFFALO routers supporting WDS, reducing or even eliminating dead spots that hinder and may even prevent network functioning and Internet access. This helps in home and office environments where interior walls, corners, and other obstructions
reduce or block signals from less powerful conventional routers.

Buffalo wireless solutions are all backed by a 3-year warranty. The AirStation N WCR-G300 Router and access Point is available with Buffalo brand stores and authorized retailed outlets at an estimated MSRP of Rs. 2000/-+

27-Apr-2012 07:49:51