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Charge One – The world’s smallest charger by Portronics

Charge One – The world’s smallest charger by Portronics

Portronics a leader in innovative, portable and digital devices rolls out the smallest  charger in the world Charge One.

 Measuring 73.5x50x22 and weighs just 125g, Charge One boasts extended talk time by 7hours to 30 hours . Charge One uses Samsung high efficiency cells. Its micro USB input of 1000mAH/, makes Charge One the smallest charger that can fit into your pockets and charge phone, tablets, cameras and other 5V devices anywhere anytime.

The palm sized Charge One has the certification from ROHS, CE, FCC and is elegantly designed with black rubber finish. It has LED ON/OFF which displays 3 LED lights, indicating charger’s capacity and charging status.

The battery capacity of this smallest charger is 5200 mAh which works with almost every possible device, extending surfing time upto 8 hours on tablets as well. If not used, Charge One can sustain charge for 1year.

Talk unlimited with the smallest Charge One!


  • Dimension: 73.5x50x22
  • Weight: 125g
  • Micro USB input: 1000mAh/5V
  • USB Output: 1000mAh/5V
  • Capacity:  (5200mAh optional)

Pricing and Availability: Portronics smallest Charge one is priced at
 Rs. 1,999 and is available in the market.

17-Aug-2013 10:37:15