Cisco Integrates Citrix NetScaler into Cloud Network Services Portfolio

Cisco announced the evolution of its network services strategy for virtual and cloud networks by integrating the market-leading Citrix Netscaler application delivery controller (ADC) technology into the Cisco Unified Fabric Cloud Network Services portfolio.

The best-in-class virtual application delivery controller will be tightly coupled into Cisco’s virtual networking framework to provide superior network service provisioning and performance.  Citrix NetScaler 1000V will be sold by Cisco and its channel partners worldwide and supported globally by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center.

 Cisco’s Cloud Network Services architecture is designed to simplify and accelerate cloud network deployments without compromising the critical security and application services that key data center applications require.  It is comprised of a comprehensive portfolio of integrated, application-aware network services and security offerings designed for virtual and cloud environments. The delivery of Citrix NetScaler 1000V brings intelligent application delivery capabilities to Cisco Cloud Network Services.   This unified, integrated approach represents the next evolution in ADC technology, fundamentally changing and uniquely enabling a tight integration with the Cisco network infrastructure that is unmatched by any other ADC on the market.

This technology collaboration delivers on the vision outlined at Citrix Synergy Barcelona in October, 2012 when the two companies announced they would expand their strategic alliance around three pillars: cloud, mobility and networking.  Cisco and Citrix are turning the promise of that vision into reality with the first wave of joint innovation around application delivery services. 


The joint offering announced will include the following key capabilities.

1.Integrated Solution: 2.Easy Provisioning with Nexus 1000V 3. Seamless Deployment with Nexus 7000: 4.: Interoperability with Broader Cloud Network Services:  5.Application Delivery in the Unified Data Center:  6.Simplified Go-to-Market: 

2-Jul-2013 12:48:06