Dell Boosts its Inspiron Line-Up

 Dell has announced its augmented Inspiron laptop portfolio for Gen Y consumers with two types of Inspiron laptops –the Inspiron R series for everyday computing needs, and the Inspiron R Special Edition series for enhanced multimedia and audio capabilities for families and students and mobile professionals, looking to spruce up their technology can find a laptop ideally suited to their diverse needs.

Dell also showcased, the soon to be launched Inspiron Z series for young professionals seeking thin & light style on the go. As an extension to the Inspiron family, Dell also recently announced the All-in-one computers and desktops for consumers who desire beautifully designed systems for multimedia creation, entertainment and small form factor desktop for families. The computers are slim and stylish and reflect Dell’s design aesthetic that places a premium on unique materials, form factors and experiences.

The new Inspiron line sports a new, distinctive design, featuring curved edges and a silver band around the edge, evoking an “oyster” clamshell feel for a smooth, contemporary look that people will be proud to show off. All Inspiron laptops announced today will offer either as standard or an option, Intel’s new 3rd Generation Core i processors (Ivy Bridge), Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, and will be eligible for the Microsoft Windows 8 upgrade program for peace of mind.

The Inspiron range comes with unique Premium Phone Support for consumers - a support that provides 24/7 premium service for hardware and software that includes the operating system and common software applications (e-mail, productivity, financial, internet browser, picture/movie editing software), in response to our customer’s software support needs.

The new range includes:


  • Inspiron 14R and 15R
  • Inspiron R Special Edition laptops for immersive entertainment
  • Inspiron 14z

The Inspiron 14z will be available soon on The Inspiron R laptops and Inspiron R Special Edition laptops are available today in India on . Prices start at: Inspiron 14R/15R: Rs 39990 + Taxes, Inspiron 14R Special Edition: Rs. 51,146 + Taxes; Inspiron 15R Special Edition: Rs. 49,990 + Taxes; Inspiron 17R Special Edition: Rs. 63,682 + Taxes.

9-Jun-2012 11:16:36