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Delta rolls out Ultron HPH series UPS

Delta rolls out Ultron HPH series UPS

Delta Group, a world-leading energy saving solutions provider, today announced the launch of its new Ultron HPH Series UPS.

With power ratings of 20/30/40kVA, the Ultron HPH Series offers true online double conversion UPSs that provide better power protection with a combination of maximum available power, unbeatable energy efficiency and superior power performance.

According to the company, the overall power factor of loads, especially IT equipment, exceeds 0.9 or even closer to 1. While computer loads have been approaching unity power factor in recent years, many UPS systems are still being manufactured with 0.8 or 0.9 power factor ratings. The Ultron HPH features fully rated power (power factor=1) to maximize power availability without de-rating the UPS. 

The Ultron HPH series deliver power efficiency of up to 96 percent (up to 99 percent in ECO mode), input power factor > 0.99, and low harmonic pollution (iTHD < 3 percent). 

“Featuring best-in-class power performance and efficiency, assured reliability, and easy manageability, the Ultron HPH series UPS is a wise business investment for continuous operations of mission critical applications,” said Suhas Joshi, Director, Delta Power Solutions.

13-Aug-2013 12:09:45