D-Link Launches DGS-1500 Series

D-Link has launched its DGS-1500 Managed SmartPro switch series, which provides all the essential features of a managed switch, including Layer 3 functions such as static routing, at a price point accessible to small-to-medium-sized businesses.

The Managed SmartPro series allows businesses to invest in their networks now, without having to worry about the future impact on their IT budgets.

In order to provide a more gradual upgrade path, D-Link has introduced the DGS-1500 Series which allows small-to-medium-sized businesses to scale their switching infrastructure incrementally at a reduced financial outlay.

As a business grows, the necessity to centrally manage an increasing number of switches becomes important. D-Link’s Managed SmartPro series provides solution by enabling centralized switch management. Virtually stacking the Managed SmartPro series provides businesses with a simple and cost effective means of managing corporate networks of all sizes.

Sanjay Sehgal, Vice President-Enterprise Business at D-Link (India) Limited commented “The Managed SmartPro series takes its place within our full range of unmanaged, Smart, managed and chassis switches, in what we consider ours to be the widest portfolio of switches on the market.”

The Managed SmartPro series from D-Link delivers advanced switching features that will benefit businesses by providing greater flexibility in how they configure their networks. The stating route functionality built into the Managed SmartPro series enables businesses to segregate their networks, ideal for isolating sensitive information whilst allowing user access to network, for example, remote workers or suppliers. This is a feature previously only available on higher grade of managed switches.

Crucially, the Managed SmartPro series will eventually include support for IPv4/v6 dual stack and IPv6 Management to provide a painless transition from IPv4 to IPv6 services, and helping customers to protect and future-proof network investments.

The series also incorporates D-Link Green 3.0 technology and IEEE802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet that enable impressive power reductions when compared to similar switches on the market. Businesses can both reduce costs and improve their carbon footprint with power saving via. LED and Port shutoff, Port Standby, System Hibernation, Cable Length detection, and Link Status detection. Time-based PoE and port scheduling functionality allow businesses to power down the network when not in use, further reducing costs whilst increasing network security.

3-Nov-2012 14:36:12