ELECOM Hits the market with Multi–Function Bluetooth Keyboard

ELECOM has launched the groundbreaking “Multi–Function Bluetooth Keyboard” for Apple & Android Devices, which lets you “Type, Talk and Listen” all with one device.

This innovative and elegantly designed product packs multiple features into a single device.  It can be used as an external Bluetooth Keyboard (TK-MBD041 Series) to “Type” lengthy e-mail messages or type notes.  It also has an in-built Mic with Speakers to be able to receive incoming calls and “Talk” as an external Bluetooth headset.  In addition, this device also has an Audio feature with a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, for plugging in headphones, and be able to “Listen” to your favorite music streamed wirelessly from the Apple / Android device.

This product is compatible with a hands-free speech profile, and has a ‘Receive Call’ and ‘End Call’ button, just like a handset.  There is an appealing Organic EL Display that shows the Battery Level, Wireless Pairing Status, and also displays the number of incoming calls.  It also displays Volume Levels as well as Play / Pause in Music Mode.  There is a Vibration function for call alerts as well.  The compact size makes this Multi-Function Bluetooth Keyboard an ideal ‘Convergence’ gadget for your favorite Smartphone or Tablet PC.

12-Jun-2012 17:37:54