Enterprise Applications market set to diversify: IDC

International Data Corporation (IDC) has released the market insights for Enterprise Applications, which gives specific insights into the state of the market and detailed understanding of the competitive ecosystem, adoption, future potential, forecast and the major trends the market is witnessing in India.

The market went through significant shift over the years with advent of Vertical/Industry specific solution lines. In addition to this, as the Enterprise market segment is saturating fast, there is increasing focus on lower parts of the organizational pyramid and the need for new delivery models. For instance, SMB segment is looking for specialized solutions with quick deployment cycle. Vendors are trying to address the specific requirements and customize their offerings to cater to this segment by making their applications more focused and easier to use and manage. Enterprises who are looking at online business models, are venturing for options such as e-retailing solutions which is integrated with traditional CRM solutions.

IDC predicts the Indian ERM market to be in the region of INR 20 Billion in 2013, with a growth of 12.8% five year CAGR (2011-16). Looking at the market trends and the competitive insights, IDC has slightly downgraded its ERP forecast for the coming periods due to the continued mindset of caution and tactical investments by the organization. The view on the CRM market is comparatively more bullish and size is expected to be around INR 16 Billion in 2013, with very similar growth trajectory as ERP for the 5 year period. There is an ever increasing demand for CRM applications to understand customer psychographics and improve customer service to gain a competitive edge.

IDC’s Research focuses on offering an insight on how the Enterprise Applications market landscape is maturing and how companies are leveraging innovative solutions from Vendors.  In these insights IDC has not limited the discussion to what is currently happening in the marketplace, but gives actionable recommendations to vendors on areas of focus and user needs/expectations.

25-Feb-2013 06:28:59