Epson Intros Android-Based See-Through Mobile Viewer

Epson has launched the radical and innovative wearable display device – the Epson Moverio BT-100 see-through mobile viewer which operates on the Google Android 2.2 platform.  The revolutionary mobile entertainment viewer lets you experience larger than life movies, images and more with crystal clarity.

Unlike conventional opaque viewers, the Android powered BT-100 features advanced see-through lenses to keep you connected with your surroundings and online activities at the same time. It opens your eyes to a mobile cinematic experience with unrivaled privacy while keeping you in touch with the world around you. While other personal viewing devices limit users to indoor power and bulky playback devices, BT-100 was designed from the ground up to move with you. It frees the user up to enjoy movies, images and more with amazing clarity on the go.

The Epson Moverio BT-100 is composed of a headset that uses groundbreaking micro-projection technology and an Android-powered media player and controller. The device allows users to view streaming video, experience 2D and 3D content (in side-by-side format) and enjoy downloaded digital content on a large virtual 80-inch perceived screen projected from 5 meters away. TV shows, movies and even side by side 3D content can be stored as MPEG4 files on the 4GB micro SDHC memory card which is included.

The Epson Moverio BT-100 leverages Epson’s leadership in LCD technology and visual imaging to project a 80-inch perceived “floating” display 5 meters away from the user, for web browsing, playing games, watching videos and interacting with content privately, while still allowing the user to experience and see the real world, thanks to its see-through ability.

Using the Epson Moverio’s Android-powered media player and controller with wireless connectivity, users can watch streaming video from sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, surf the Internet, and interact with apps and downloaded content from any hotspot. Additional features of the Android-powered media player and controller include:

  • Excellent Mobility
  • Removable Memory
  • Download and Go
  • Adobe Flash 11 Support
  • Big Sound
  • Innovative Navigation
  • Immersive 3D

The products would be available in major retail outlets in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore &Hyderabad at MRP - 42900 Rs/-

17-Sep-2012 16:01:50