ESYCAST Launches Wi-Fi HDMI Streaming Device

ESY INDIA who brought, ESYINK, the low cost digital printing solutions to India now launches ESYCAST, a WiFi HDMI device for streaming the content from your mobile, Tablet or PC to your HDTV or a projector.

Device is thumb sized and easily gets plugged in through the HDMI port of TV. The device is portable enough and fits into your pocket. ESYCAST acts as wireless bridge between your mobile and TV. You can stream the photos, Videos and games from your mobile and also can watch online news & movies.

It’s a great boon for those who are tired of watching images on the small mobile screens .The mirroring feature in ESYCAST enable the user to read and response emails, messages and WhatzApp etc. from the TV screen. ESYCAST is compatible with apple, windows and Android operating systems and comes in two models.

Convert your normal projector as a wireless projector and perform wireless presentations from your laptop or Tablet or even from your mobile by just plugging ESYCAST. This will be a great advantage for the executives who are on the move. The built in wireless features creates its own WiFi hotspot so that ESYCAST can also work without connecting to home or office network router.

There are 2 models and the MRP for the entry level is Rs. 3495 that comes with one year warranty.

21-Aug-2014 17:44:18