Fujitsu Rolls out PRIMERGY RX500 S7- The four-socket server

Fujitsu has launched the new PRIMERGY RX500 S7 four-socket server, optimized for large consolidation and virtualization projects. The PRIMERGY RX500 S7 guarantees a high protection of investment by combining economic scalability and four-socket performance with the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of a dual-socket server – it can be upgraded from a dual-socket server to a quad-socket solution whenever required. The PRIMERGY RX500 S7 offers a highly energy-efficient, cost-saving profile, due to its components in common with the PRIMERGY dual-socket S7 generation, simplified power management, and 94 per cent efficient power-supply units.

The PRIMERGY RX server family has a long history of being a versatile platform for dynamic business infrastructures. With its modular design, the new PRIMERGY RX500 S7 server is created to perfectly meet the consolidation and expansion needs of growing IT environments. By starting with a dual processor configuration, the rack server PRIMERGY RX500 S7 can easily more economically scale up to four processors whenever necessary and therefore double its memory up to 1536 GB and expand the available PCIe Gen3 slots to 11 inside the same chassis - without changing the server and rack infrastructure.

Upgrading the system is as easy as plugging in an additional local area network (LAN) card. The dual-socket configuration features two Intel Xeon processors from the E5 product family, 24 DIMMs and 768 GB memory. Scaling up to a four-socket server provides four Intel Xeon processors, 48 DIMMs and 1536 GB memory. This enables customers to run more and larger virtualization machines on a single server as opposed to needing multiple dual-socket servers.

By running more workloads on fewer servers, companies can cut costs for energy, server management and IT infrastructure. For instance, they can save on rack space, cooling, cabling and staffing requirements. A few big servers are easier to manage and more cost effective than running many smaller ones. In addition, companies can make better use of host-based application and software licenses simply by consolidating the number of hosts. As the PRIMERGY RX500 S7 features the same power management and components of the record-breaking PRIMERGY dual-socket S7 generation, which set new standards in low power consumption, the it delivers two-socket energy efficiency by operating with low-voltage memory and intelligent power management with predefined power profiles that keep power consumption down on low performance days.

4-Jul-2012 16:42:59