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FusionStor Partner Engagement Programme concludes on a Success note

FusionStor Partner Engagement Programme concludes on a Success note

FusionStor Technologies Pvt. Ltd organized Partner Engagement Programme in Mumbai and Delhi. The meet in Mumbai was held on 20th February, 2013 followed by Delhi on 20th March, 2013.

The main aim behind organising this programme was to provide partners a platform to exchange knowledge, interact and develop a better understanding about FusionStor offerings and products. In both the events FusionStor displayed its products, demonstrated and discussed about their functions, support and specifications.

Mr. Amod Phadke, CEO- FusionStor, Mr. Venkatesh Prasad, Country Head- Global Infonet (National Distibutor), Mr. Atul Gosar, CEO- Network Techlabs (Regional Distributor)  and Mr. Chanchal Deshwal , CEO- KCIS (Regional Distributor) attended the event.

In the programme, both in Mumbai and Delhi, distributors were given demonstrations of FusionStor products, followed by discussions on its’ specifications and benefits that a distributor can avail.

FusionStor offers products and solutions catering the enterprise's need with top-class features at affordable price. The company aims at providing innovative IT solutions and improving the way customers work. The brand is determined to justify the services when it comes to “3-S”- Server, Storage and Switches. With various server models to suite specific business requirements, wide range of storage, and array of switches the name performs to match the right product, with service and business.

The event brought together channel partners, distributors, system integrators and the company to carve and create a niche for FusionStor in Indian market.

The event concluded on a positive note with a good turnout of people in both the cities.

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