Genius Cam Mouse

Taiwan –based Genius is an international leading company in computer peripherals, introduces its new 2-in-1 devices, The “Cam Mouse”, an innovative mouse that becomes a camera with instant photo uploading, QR code scanning and more.

The Cam Mouse combines a 1200DPI mouse with a 2.0M pixel camera, bringing the best of both worlds. And while cameras on notebook monitors are awkward and unwieldy, the Cam mouse is as easy to use as a small hand-held camera. Plus it can seamlessly switch between mouse and camera modes in a split second – simply slide open the lens cover and snap away.

The Cam mouse also makes it easy to share ones photos with friends and family. It syncs with social media sites, so one can instantly upload pictures. In addition the Cam mouse provides photo-editing tools and scans QR Codes. So if a teacher is about to erase some valuable notes off the board, or if a presenter in a meeting switches slides too quickly, one can take advantage of the Cam Mouse’s speed and versatility to take a photo right when one is in need of it.

The Genius Cam Mouse is available at USD 29.9-, with the warranty of 1year.

12-Aug-2013 15:22:20