Genius introduces its new gaming headset with ‘vibration’ function

Gamers whether casual or professional, demand the best in class products that deliver an immersive gaming experience. From graphic rich games, realistic sounds   to   various accessories, everything should enhance a gamers experience. Genius, understands the needs of gamers worldwide, being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gaming accessories, computer peripherals and smart phone accessories. To cater to the need of Indian gamers, the company has announced the launch of its new headset with a unique vibration function - the HS-G500V. Ideal for graphic rich online games, the HS-G500V fuses unique performance, comfort and convenience. Gamers are in for a real treat!

The vibration function provides a realistic and fun experience with deep bass sound through USB power. The headsets ergonomic design and usage of leather- like sponge material a.k.a ‘leatherette’, ensures comfortable long time usage. The adjustable headband allows you to adjust to the best position during usage.  With in-line volume control, mic –mute function and vibration strength control, the HS-G500V is a super convenient headset.

Product Highlights -

    Vibration function – delivers a fun and realistic gaming experience

    Ergonomic design with leatherette headband – Comfortable, long time usage

    In-line volume, vibration control and microphone mute function  - Convenient

     Versatile use – great for video/voice chatting

14-Jul-2015 18:03:24