Genius Ring Presenter

 Genius is an international leading company in computer peripherals, once again broke through the fascinating technology By announcing the world’s first ring style touch cursor controller for business, travel, education and i-users the GENIUS Ring Presenter.

This Ring Presenter is a lightweight design and human oriented ring style air presenter with mouse functions. With the US Patent Design (No’7298362 B2) touch control air presenter technology, will receive full access to control power point slides. Ring Presenter also comes with the in-air mouse functions so that the mouse functions can be use as cursor movement.

Ring Presenter is a great tool for browsing Internet and documents in location such as Bus, Plane, Train or School lectures etc.The Ring Presenter is a cutting edge technology innovation, powered by the slimmest Li-ion rechargeble battery design to protect the environment while enjoying the fun as always wanted. Also the smart battery –low detector flashes in blue when it is time to recharge. The Ring Presenter worry free 2.4GHz technology provides a reliable working performance and the laser pointer can work at a distsnce up to 10Meters. Available in 5 colors: Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple n Green.

The Genius Ring Presenter is available at the price of USD 69.9.

Warranty of 3years.

6-Dec-2011 15:50:46