Genius Rolls Out SW-G2.1 1200GX Gaming Speaker

Genius is an international leading company in computer peripherals presents the new 30 watt SW-G2.1 1200 GX Gaming Speaker Series. The satellite speakers use selected paper-cone material with high-density foam to deliver loud sound performance. With a 4-inch strong driver that protrudes from the subwoofer, SW-G2.1 1200 brings much deeper and richer bass for a booming effect. Can adjust the strength of the bass using the BASS knob. Also, an extra line-in jack and headphone jack on the front panel to easily connect to a portable audio device, such as an mp3 player, or headphones without disconnecting the system from PC.

The SWG2.1 1200 brings excellent acoustic fidelity and performs magnificently while playing games or listening to all kinds of music.


Ø  Features:

ü Total output power 30 watts (RMS)

ü Wooden cabinet subwoofer with 4-inch driver

ü Piano-black satellite speakers

ü Adjustable volume and bass controls

ü Headphone jack and extra line-in jack

ü Great sound for PC, TV, DVD, or gaming console  



The Genius SW-G2.1 1200 GX is available at the price of USD 44.9. With 1 year warranty

5-Nov-2011 06:38:42