Get ready for the storm in the Cloud

Spectrum network solutions and Microsoft India organizes an event on cloud computing theme

Leading IT Network and Security Service company in India, Spectrum network solutions and Indian subsidiary of US software giant Microsoft, Microsoft India  PL recently conducted an event in Mumbai. The event was mainly conducted for the discussion on the future of IT which is cloud computing and specific focus was mainly on Windows Azure .i.e. a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft and Microsoft 365 i.e. subscription based online office and software plus services built around the Microsoft office platform.

 Microsoft 365 serves as a successor to Microsoft’s business productivity online suite. It consists of a number of products and services and its components can be managed and configured through an online portal whereas Windows 

Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure which is meant for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. The platform was also utilized to have a dialogue on the key areas like importance and benefits of having a cloud portfolio and how the investments in a cloud strategy will help organizations in transforming their data centers and empowering the contemporary business apps.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, CTO, Spectrum group said, “In the current scenario, the importance of having a cloud portfolio increases manifold as investment in the same will only help organizations to transform their data centers and become more prolific. Spectrum helps in bringing together skilled engineering talent and expertise of cloud services to develop a different solution which helps the organisations acclimatize themselves according to the changing circumstances and counter the rising challenges successfully.”

Spectrum Network Solutions has grown into one of the leading IT Network and Security training center in India offering SMB and large enterprises with consultancy, training and infrastructure support to make best use of technology.

According to Mr. Umang Agnihotri, Partner Account Manager, Microsoft “The Microsoft India is proud to have a partner like Spectrum in India.We treasure our partnership as they have demonstrated the highest, most specialized  ability and commitment in business solution area. Microsoft appreciates them for delivering best- in- class solutions to customers and our association with Spectrum is sure to go a long way.”

The last segment of event started with a technical presentation made by Shatabdi Hait, Partner technical specialist , Microsoft  followed by a technical demonstration which  was made by Rahul Rao and  Zubair sheikh ,technical consultants , Spectrum network solutions on the Windows azure and Office 365 as a great deal of information was shared with plenty of queries being answered which marked the conclusion of a successful event.

8-Jan-2014 07:52:08