GIGABYTE becomes the key sponsor of BYOC 2012

GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd has announced that it is a key sponsor for BYOC 2012, the upcoming edition of BYOC, India’s largest gaming festival. The grand event, scheduled to be held from January 6 to 8, 2012, will bring together over 5,000 hardcore gamers, over 20,000 casual gamers and visitors, from across India, to an arena comprising 1,000 seats, made exclusively for the gaming extravaganza, at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

BYOC 2012 is the 16th edition of the event, which is held twice a year, and has grown in stature over time as the most happening gaming event on India’s gaming calendar. It is organized by India’s top e-Sports management company, Xtreme Gaming Pvt. Ltd. In addition to the tournament per se, the event offers a complete package to the gaming enthusiast, in the form of topical lectures, seminars, workshops, and exhibitions, as well as entertainment in the form of live performances.

GIGABYTE Technology has lined up several special attractions for contestants to give them something more than just a great gaming experience. Mentioned below are a few of them. The GIGABYTE booth at the venue will host a fun mini-tournament, open to both official BYOC participants and visitors, offering its premium motherboards as prizes.

GIGABYTE’s association with BYOC is in line with the company’s initiatives of sponsoring major gaming competitions across the world. It also sponsors talented gamers from different countries to help them participate in global tournaments. With the objective of promoting gaming in India, GIGABYTE Technology regularly supports LAN and video gaming competitions across the country. The company sponsored the recently-held World Cyber Games (WCG) - India Final. It also provides support to entities such as IT retail outlets, gaming (cyber) cafes, and engineering colleges, which require technological help as well as sponsorship for organizing gaming events.

5-Jan-2012 05:29:06