GlacialTech Rolls out Igloo S26 Series CPU Cooler

GlacialTech Inc has launched the latest Igloo S26 Series CPU coolers for varied socket types ranging from Intel LGA775/1155/1156 and AMD FM1, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+ . The unique design provides good cooling effect to the components around the CPU.

GlacialTech Igloo S26 Series with its technicalities is designed exclusively to reduce noise generated from the cooling fan. GlacialTech's products’ three philosophies of Price performance, noise performance and weight performance are available in Igloo S26 Series CPU Cooler. The unique design is four ways flow paths provide good cooling effect to the components around the CPU.

GlacialTech comes out with a product that provides highest quality materials and workmanship. With dimension (mm) of 80(W)× 65(L)×125(H),and weighing 260 grams only the Igloo S26 Series CPU Cooler is extremely light weight and consumes less electricity. GlacialTech is known for delivering reliable value to the customers through its varied range of products designed for different class of its customers. Due to its unique design, light weight and cost effectiveness features, the Igloo S26 series enhances the CPU’s long working hours. With Igloo CPU Cooler, one can work in a quiet and peaceful environment with optimal price performance benefit.

4-Apr-2012 05:16:53