GoDB Tech and Intel Alliances to Launch “Project Darpan”

GoDB Tech and Intel has announced the launch of ‘Project Darpan’, a free, multilingual user interface (UI) initiative, to simplify the computing experience for the common man and thereby increase the PC usage in the Indian market. GoDB’s Darpan user interface will provide graphical access to the internet and provide the consumer the comfort of accessing the relevant Indian content, in a simple manner.

Project Darpan is a software application based on an intensive research study conducted by Intel to explore ways to improve usage of computing devices among masses. The research also touched to find out methods to remove fear of technology that prevent usage of internet and computing in India. The local language effort of Darpan will provide menus/ commands of Darpan application in 6 languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Telugu. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mahavir Chand, Director – Sales & Marketing, GoDB Tech, said, "The internet browsing experience is often limited to technology savvy and English literate users. Project Darpan will simplify the PC user experience for the common man and provide an easy to use internet graphical user interface. Available in local languages, Project Darpan will make personal computing devices, an integral part of Indian households.”

Currently, Darpan is available completely free of cost, through the Internet.

9-Mar-2012 07:36:49