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Government of Maharashtra Praises Microsoft Initiative to Build Apps for Social Good

Government of Maharashtra Praises Microsoft Initiative to Build Apps for Social Good

Microsoft has kicked off Windows AppFest in collaboration with the Government of Maharashtra to build apps for social good. The initiative will encourage app developers to ideate and create solutions that address social and civic issues. These apps will help civil authorities seek alternative methods of interacting with citizens. The top three apps will be selected for a presentation at a conference hosted by Asian Development Bank.

The Windows AppFest represents how a new generation is tackling the challenges of government by using technology and collective action. Support from the Government of Maharashtra has not just offered promise about how technology can reshape governance; it has reformed the very notion of government and citizen engagement, offering a novel suite of previously unimaginable civic tools for government and citizens alike.

“App marketplaces are now proving to be viable platforms to host e-governance and socially relevant apps. Such apps can provide citizen-centric services in a secure manner, while ensuring increased transparency, reliability and efficiency in services. Cloud computing also enables e-governance solutions to be much more scalable and accessible. Microsoft, with its various initiatives including the Windows AppFest for social good in Pune, provides a good platform for app builders to ideate and create solutions to address social and civic issues,” said Rajesh Aggarwal, Secretary IT, Government of Maharashtra.

TechEd 2013, Pune will help developers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and students hone their skills in app development. Microsoft is currently making significant investments in working with 1.2-million developers (the second-largest developer ecosystem) and over 1000 Independent Software Vendors to empower them with the tools, technologies and training required to develop high-end skills and to compete in a global marketplace. Microsoft’s aim is to provide the gifted and technically-skilled developer community with a supportive environment to drive path-breaking innovation globally. The Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Office 2013, Office 365 and Windows Azure platforms open up countless opportunities for developers to shape the app ecosystem across multiple devices, giving developers the chance to maximize their revenues.

28-Mar-2013 06:09:40