HP Intros Advanced Big Data Solutions for the Telcos

HP Enterprise Services has announced new solutions that help Communications Service Providers (CSPs)—or telcos manage, understand and act on massive amounts of information (Big Data) to deliver services to subscribers and improve their satisfaction levels. 

Providers that deliver premium content such as video, mobile TV and messaging on top of CSPs’ managed networks have changed the landscape of the communications industry.  By leveraging analytics to gain real-time insight into subscriber usage patterns, preferences and interests, CSPs can capitalize on business opportunities and partner more effectively with these new providers.

The new HP Telco Big Data and Analytics support CSPs’ ability to transform the data collected from a variety of sources into actionable intelligence. The solutions provide valuable insight into the subscribers’ experience and preferences. 

Comprehensive and contextual insight into subscriber needs enables CSPs to create new products and targeted marketing offers that are designed to improve subscriber satisfaction and retention rates. Additionally, CSPs can use this information to develop new revenue streams and business ventures with content providers and other third parties. Finally, HP Telco Big Data and Analytics provide insight into real-time network conditions, so CSPs can enhance network utilization and address traffic congestion situations.   

Leveraging HP Big Data analytics software, as well as HP’s consulting, research, information management and business intelligence experience, HP Telco Big Data and Analytics support CSPs efforts to manage and analyze business-relevant structured and unstructured data. 

The following offerings are included in the new portfolio:

•HP Information Optimization Transformation Experience Workshop aligns business and IT leaders on ways to use information to improve business performance, reduce risk and grow subscriber relationships through specific HP Telco Big Data and Analytics implementation priorities. 

•HP Smart Profile Server helps CSPs evaluate the vast amounts of data collected daily by their networks and use its insight to deliver new targeted offerings for subscribers, as well as create new revenue streams. This platform for subscriber profile management and analytics leverages a sophisticated analytic algorithms engine and data models, in addition to HP Vertica and HP Autonomy software. The HP Smart Profile Server provides the analytics foundation for HP Actionable Experience Management and HP Ad Personalization.

•HP Actionable Experience Management provides real-time, context-aware insight to the subscriber’s service level.  By understanding subscriber behavior and current network conditions, CSPs can take action to improve the subscriber experience in a cost-effective manner.  Additionally, CSPs can further monetize network investments and subscriber data with new services.

•HP Ad Experience Personalization can improve effectiveness of personalized mobile advertisements between consumers or in connection with third parties with a rich, contextual subscriber profile.


HP Telco Big Data and Analytics are available now worldwide. 

26-Dec-2012 15:34:51