HP Intros Mobile Authentication Tool to Protect Customers from Fraudulent Ink and Toner Cartridges

HP has announced a new Mobile Authentication tool to help customers identify counterfeit ink and toner cartridges easily and conveniently.  Through the HP eSupplies mobile app, the new HP Mobile Authentication tool allows customers to scan the security label on the packaging of ink and toner cartridges to verify their authenticity.  The HP Mobile Authentication tool features a QR code on both HP Original ink and toner cartridge security labels. After checking for the label’s holographic properties to verify authenticity, customers can capture the QR label with a smartphone to access the HP Mobile Authentication tool and validate the label. Valid labels generate a confirmation message, which indicates that the cartridge has a valid code.

The HP Mobile Authentication tool is now available for Original HP ink cartridge and will be available for Original HP toner cartridge beginning in December 2011.

All HP cartridge packaging in India currently displays a security seal with color shifting technology that helps consumers easily identify original HP supplies. 

Success Against Counterfeit Printing Supplies

Over the past three months, more than US$225,000 worth of counterfeit supplies in Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai and Kolkata were seized by local police teams.  The authorities also seized more than 460 counterfeit ink cartridges, 577counterfeit toner cartridges and 8,556 various components used to make counterfeit HP cartridges. 

HP collaborated with local law enforcement agencies to make this action possible.  HP vigorously defends its brand and intellectual property for Original HP supplies by engaging in industry-leading anti-counterfeiting practices to combat the fraudulent manufacture, distribution, and sale of counterfeit HP supplies products.

A counterfeit product is a product which has been made to look identical to or substantially indistinguishable from the genuine or original product, usually for the purpose of deceiving consumers.  Counterfeiting of printing supplies usually involves the illegal printing of HP-branded boxes, labels and security seals.  Often refilled cartridges containing inferior inks and toners are used and inserted into this packaging that closely resembles genuine HP packaging.  The counterfeit cartridges are ultimately purchased by consumers who believe them to be genuine.

16-Dec-2011 04:42:35