IBM Unleashes Enterprise Mobile and Tablet Apps in India

 IBM has unveiled seven new social networking and collaboration mobile apps specifically designed to address enterprise-class requirements in India. The new software, available for download today from the most popular app stores, takes IBM industry-leading social networking, real-time collaboration and online meeting capabilities from behind the company firewall and places it into the hands of tablet users.

The new offerings span the widest range of tablets, including the iPad. The software allows employees to more effectively collaborate and share data, images and conduct meeting and on the fly more securely as part of their everyday work experience.  

The use of tablets in business is on the rise. Increasingly, employees require enterprise connectivity from their personal smartphones and tablet devices, also known as the "Bring Your Own Device" to work trend. A recent IBM study revealed that 73 percent of business leaders surveyed currently allow mobile devices or tablets to connect to their corporate networks.
To meet the demands of the fast-growing mobile workforce, and the software developers who support them, IBM is delivering:

Social networking for iPad , Attend Online Meetings , Instant messaging , Access business documents      Reduce calling costs  , Easier access to mail and calendar

14-Dec-2011 10:53:57