India Outsources Intros compact IRIS pen scanners to Indian market

OMR India Outsources, an international total solution provider specializing in document imaging services and solution.

The newly introduced IRIS products include, IRISPen Express 6, IRISPen Executive 6 and IRIScan Book 2. These three different models of scanner have their own unique features to boast of.
Thanks to IRISPen, now it is quite easy to capture required information from newspapers, catalogs, magazines, faxes and letters directly in your favourite application including Excel, word, emails etc. You just need to slide IRISPen over printed information, it will retype the information into your PC.

One-of-its-kind, world’s number one pen scanner types 30 times faster than manually. With IRISPen executive you can also scan images, handprinted text and numbers and 16 types of barcode.

It also features a smart vocal synthesis which reads back the scanned text. This most advanced text recognition pen scanner is available at a price of Rs. 12,999, while IRISPen Express 6 is priced at Rs. 9,399.

IRIScan Book 2 is an advanced portable and mobile scanner which scans books and documents with an A4 format without the use of a computer. It directly saves the scaned copy into the memory card as a JPEG file. This device completes the IRIS mobile scanner family with a state-of-the-art unrivaled OCR software Suite Readiris Pro 12. With the help of Readiris Pro 12 you will get your data in editable office documents. It is priced at Rs. 19,499.

11-May-2012 12:39:45