Inspan Launches LuxePad Ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboards

Inspan Infotech one of the largest IT distribution companies for motherboards and hardware components, announced the launch of LuxePad Ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboards for Andriod 3.0, iPad & iPhones from Genius. LuxePad A9000 supports Andriod 3.0, LuxePad 9000 supports iPad & iPhones and LuxePad supports iPad.

LuxePad and LuxePad are brand new Bluetooth keyboards from Genius that brings more convenience while using iPad and iPhones. LuxePad A9000 Bluetooth keyboard creates more convenience when using tablet PC with Android 3.0. These keyboards can be used on desk, lap or anywhere within 30 feet of the Android 3.0, iPad and iPhones devices with the help of built-in Bluetooth technology in the keyboards. The Bluetooth wireless technology provides a clean, cable free workspace. The keyboards compact design creates more desk space; one can have extra room for other gadgets.

The scissor type key structure is ultra smooth and provides great tactile feedback. Specific function keys for one-touch access to a variety of iPad, iPhone and Andriod features. The on/off switch can effectively be used when away from the devices. The Bluetooth delivers low power consumption. The built-in Li-ion battery of the keyboards can be charged through the mini USB cable.

"'Go wireless, access your gadgets and save power' with this new range of Bluetooth wireless LuxePad keyboards from Genius. These compact devices are sure to create a buzz in the market. The customers are going to love these keyboards for the technology used and the cute looks" said Sudhir S, Managing Director of Inspan Infotech. "Resellers should get charged up to sell these amazing products during the year-end, were actually very few products are released by the companies" adds Sudhir.

28-Nov-2011 16:21:28