Inspan Rolls Out Attractive AMJ Scheme for the Resellers from Genius

Inspan Infotech has announced attractive scheme for the resellers on sales of Genius products for AMJ 2012.Resellers will be eligible for the following rewards on sales of Genius products.

Invoice value worth Rs 25,000, will be eligible for 2 sets of SP-U115 USB powered speakers

Invoice value worth Rs 75,000, will be eligible for Ring Presenter and SW-U2.1 200 USB powered speakers

Invoice value worth Rs 1, 50,000, will be eligible for a branded Watch

 Invoice value worth Rs 3, 00, 000, will be eligible for Gold vouchers worth Rs 14, 000/-

This scheme is valid from 1st April 2012 to 31st June 2012 and is valid for the purchases billed out from Inspan Infotech. However above scheme cannot be merged or clubbed with any other scheme that may be running at that time. Genius reserves the rights of execution, alternation and will entertain all the scheme claims directly from distributors.

Standard pricing and warranty clauses are applicable on the products as announced from Genius. These products are available ex-Stock across all offices of Inspan in the country.

13-Apr-2012 06:08:59