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Intel NUC- Redefining Computing

Intel NUC- Redefining Computing

Intel Desktop Boards – Next Unit of Computing (NUC) family delivers stunning visuals and edge-of-your-seat performance in an ultra-small package. Powered by a visibly smart 3rd generation Intel Core i3 processor on a 4-by-4-inch motherboard and enclosed in a tiny case, the NUC is big on performance yet surprisingly small in size. It’s an ideal engine for digital signage, kiosks, home theater systems, and intelligent devices for small spaces, or anywhere else you can imagine. Here comes the Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC). At a diminutive 4"x4"x2" form factor and equipped with the Third Generation Intel Core i3 processor, the DC3217BY can easily be termed as amazing flexibility and expandability in an ultra-compact powerhouse. Its the one thing to power the digital display and transfer video at an amazingly fast speed. It's another to do all that and more with a miniscule, intelligent powerhouse of a computing device.

What’s more amazing is that such a small a device can offer so much power in a flexible, customizable package. Wirelessly streams to other devices in the home or office. Experience your movies, photos, and games smoothly and seamlessly. Effortlessly move between applications with smart multitasking delivered by Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. Dramatically increase data transfer rates and daisy-chain peripherals with Thunderbolt technology. Get a difference in performance you can truly see and feel.

The DC3217BY features Intel's Thunderbolt technology transforming device inter-connectivity, dramatically increasing transfer performance with bi-directional 10Gbps speed, and offers daisy chaining to multiple devices, two SO-DIMM sockets for expandability up to 16 GB of memory, two PCIe mini-card connectors for flexible support of wireless and SSD configurations, BIOS vault technology, fast boot and Intel Visual BIOS.

18-Jan-2013 10:54:57