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Irvine Launches Low cost Lightening Cable

Irvine Launches Low cost Lightening Cable

It is no secret that Apple products are assault on your senses. The reason is not far to seek. The super-slim elegance, degree of innovation and functionality of the Apple products such as iPhone, Mac, iPad or iPod with an eaten fruit as its trademark logo make them prized possessions to all of us.

However, it should be music to your ears if you will be provided accessories at the price which is much less than what Apple will charge you. Taking a step in the direction, Irvine has launched Apple certified MFI Lightning cable at an affordable price

Compatible with iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, all models of iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad Mini and other Apple gadgets/devices, the Apple certified lightening cable by Irvine provides high speed data transfer of 480 mbps and high-speed charging and can be used for syncing devices.

Commenting on the launch, Chairman and CEO Mr. Anjani Kr. Mishra, said, ‘For long a need was felt to provide a lightening cable that is affordably priced without compromising on its quality and performance giving Apple aficionados a delightful experience.”

Apple certified lightning charging and sync cable by Irvine protects against day-to-day wear and tear and is stress and stretch resistant.

21-Dec-2015 09:23:49