Japanio Imaging Solutions launches Inkstation exclusively for HP printers

New Delhi, 22nd August, 2015: Japanio Imaging Solutions launches inkjet refilling machine exclusively for HP930 and HP950 Series. The Inkjet Machine automatically fills and balances the 930 and the 950 Series. The Touch screen controlled unit will balance and fill the upcoming HP 900 cartridge series. The unit provide a sequential fill process to eliminate overpressure at the cartridges. The air blatter inside of the cartridges is inflated and properly balanced. 4 Line for simultaneously filling of the 4 colors. Selectable ink lines and settable filling and balancing parameters in 10 different recipes is also available with the machine. Cartridges can be emptied first by choosing the emptying program.

No knobs, dials or switches to master and it doesn’t take days of training to undertake. Simply select the model of cartridge on the touch screen, follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions and the semi-automated system will fill the cartridge for you using its unique computer controlled multi vacuum chambers and precise digitally controlled ink delivery system. The InkStation also has fixed filling stations for non sponge cartridges. When the cartridge is filled the InkStation will print out a bar coded adhesive ticket to be placed on your stores packaging.

The Japanio Inkjet machine can also be connected to a main server via a standard Internet connection. This allows you to report on individual machine sales and stock levels within a store chain or franchise group environment. The InkStation will be automatically updated with new cartridges as they are released onto the market.

About Japanio Imaging Solutions

Japanio Imaging Solutions is amongst the well reckoned organization who is involved in the market as a manufacturer, trader, service provider and wholesaler of qualitative inkjet ink, toner powder, laser cartridge, OPC drum, refilling machines. It endeavors towards the complete satisfaction of a huge clientele by providing them a comprehensive range of quality products and efficient customer service with its marketing network. Since its inception, the company is led CEO, Mr. Arhant Jain & Marketing head, whose industrial expertise had led us to establish our business and spread our business network in all over the India. All the products are available in standard forms and offered at very reasonable prices.

7-Sep-2015 09:15:03