Kaspersky Intros New Endpoint Solutions

Kaspersky Lab unveiled its new generation of business security solutions designed to help businesses overcome the latest challenges in managing a secure, efficient network. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, the
company’s new flagship security platform for businesses, was built to provide the industry’s best protection from advanced malware and cybercrime, and also to combat another common enemy of IT security – complexity.  Kaspersky
Endpoint Security for Business is the first true security platform built from the ground up, offering a business critical combination of deep protection, efficiency and seamless manageability.
Present on occasion were Mr. Maxim Mitrokhin, Director – Operations, Kaspersky Lab – Asia Pacific, Mr. Altaf Halde, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab - South Asia and Mr. Pranav Bhayani, Technical Support Manager, South

Asia, Kaspersky Lab.
Recent cyber-attacks in India include:
The most recent attack was Red October malware, wherein India had 14 infections
India was among the top 3 countries of the world to be hit by Stuxnet in 2010
A Duqu command and control center was based out of India, which was shut down soon after the discovery by Kaspersky Lab
It is still being studied if Flame and Gauss malware had infected Indian systems
India was among the highest spam producing countries of the world in certain quarters of 2011 and 2012

The fundamental mission of the IT Administrator hasn’t changed much, but there are more obstacles along the way. Organizations of all sizes deal with these challenges, but small-to-midsized businesses suffer from an additional  hurdle: lack of resources and expertise to manage these new demands.
In addition to sophisticated malware targeting businesses on a daily basis, IT Administrators must now account for new complexities that include:
Smartphones and tablets used to access the company network from anywhere in the world
Employees who wish to use their mobile devices and PCs to get their work done
Confidential data moving freely within the company network, or outside of the network via laptops or USB thumb drives
Finding and patching holes in user applications and operating systems

These new technology realities have left IT Administrators struggling with related security concerns, and in most cases, they are forced to evaluate, purchase, install and manage a new tool for each scenario.  Mobile Device

Management, Systems/Patch Management, Data Encryption and more—these new tools get cobbled together with existing anti-malware technologies, leaving IT Administrators with a network that’s more complex to manage, but not  necessarily more secure.
The new challenges of organized cybercrime and a boom in employee-owned devices have made protecting business data tougher than ever.  To simplify and secure business of all sizes, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business  comes with a number of new and improved technologies that allow IT Administrators to See, Control, and Protect their network.

•Mobile Security and Device Management

•Data Encryption

•Endpoint Control Tools

•Systems Management

•All managed from Kaspersky Lab’s Security Center

•Industry-Leading Anti-Malware

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is available in the following base configurations, which are modular and expandable to meet future needs:
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business: Core  – the foundation of Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning and powerful workstation anti-malware protection and a firewall, managed by the intuitive administration console – Kaspersky

Security Center.  For customers who want only the best anti-malware possible, this is the solution.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business: Select – includes Workstation & File Server Security, Application Control with Dynamic Whitelisting, Device Control, and Web Control.  Also included is a mobile protection solution which

consists of an endpoint security agent and Mobile Device Management (or MDM).
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business: Advanced – includes all technologies in KESB Select, with the addition of Encryption and Systems Management tools.  If your business needs include remote deployment, Patch

Management and Vulnerability Scanning, KESB Advanced is the solution for you.
Kaspersky Total Security for Business – our flagship offering includes additional protection with the inclusion of infrastructure-level protection for Web, Mail, and Collaboration servers.  From the endpoint all the way to the Internet  gateway, you can protect it with Kaspersky Lab.

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