Lalani e-Tech City Unleashes unique Wi-fi router along with ‘Buy and Learn Programme’

 Lalani e-Tech City became the first and only store to release the state-of-the-art Tata photon Wifi Router, making them the exclusive counter for the product in the region.

“This product is set to change the way we connect to wifi, over tablets, smartphones, laptops and even PCs. A portable pocket sized battery powered chargeable router that can create personal hotspot on the move just by connecting any datacard to it at an affordable cost. This product will enable Apple users to use datacards on their Ipads, Smartphone users to access high speed internet with affordable plans and internet sharing between several laptops while sitting in even a park.” said Umang Lalani.

The product was launched by the brand ambassador of Lalani e-Tech City, Mir on 6th of April 2013 at the store.

"It’s always a pleasure shopping at Lalani e-Tech City as you find the latest gadgets here at the best of prices. Pocket Wifi Router is a fantastic product as it will enable me to connect to Wifi even when I am traveling." said Mir.

The introductory offer at Lalani e-Tech City for this product is that photon+ wifi Router and Tata photon+ together costing Rs.4598 will be available only at Rs. 3699.Therefore a saving of 20 per cent is on the cards.

Along with this the store launched a BUY & LEARN PROGRAM (6th April – 20th April, 2013). “What good is latest technology, if we own it but do not know how to use it completely? In this rapidly ever changing electronics industry where things change at the drop of a hat, we as consumer must be abreast with the latest innovations for best result,” Umang said.

Lalani e-Tech City, India’s first and largest tech-retail store offering the largest range of IT & Office Automation under one roof has come out with a unique Offer called “Buy & Learn” wherein consumers buying a specific electronic gadget can also avail a free Professional workshop regarding the operations of that particular product and latest offerings in that product segment. For e.g. someone buying an Apple device can avail Free Workshop on IOS operation and Features.

Someone buying an SLR camera can avail a workshop on photography from professionals.  

25-Apr-2013 11:56:28