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Lapcare Introduces ‘FUSION’ Laptop cooling station

Lapcare Introduces ‘FUSION’ Laptop cooling station

People often complaint about the overheated laptop and discomfort caused by it. Lapcare has introduced FUSION new Cooling Pad to cater to the needs of all these notebook users. FUSION Cooling Station  with slotted surface and virtually silent airflow protects you and your notebook from the difficulties and discomforts caused by the over  heated notebook," said Mr. Atul Gupta  Director Lapcare

While using a laptop on the sofa or bed or at a desk, FUSION improves airflow around the laptop. To help protect users from the heat the Cooling Station  features a slotted surface, which allows the USB-powered fan to distribute air quietly and evenly. Its 6 steps inclination option adjusts the height to eye level which provide relieve to user from pain in neck & eyes and makes keyboard use more friendly by allowing wrist, elbow to rest on desk. Lapcare knows well that Style is a big quotient these days so have launched this light weight, compact and trendy stand which has 4 heavy duty USB ports that are able to support heavy duty accessories like printer and scanner .The  cooling Station enhances heat dissipation and keeps the laptop cool and can go with most of the laptop models. If you work long hours on laptop  you must require this station assistance for your own sanity.

27-Aug-2013 11:37:36