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Lapcare Unveils LP3

Lapcare Unveils LP3

Lapcare has announced the launch of Partner Engagement Program, LP3 which promises to breaks all barriers and takes partner association and engagement to an entirely another level. According to the company, channel partners are “partners in success”.

Lapcare’s Product Manager Maninder Singh launched LP3 with the first sign-on, on the Online Partner Engagement platform and announced various benefits of the program.

Aptly titled “Lapcare Premier Partner Program”, LP3 is a celebration of the efforts and contribution of their channel partners in the success of Lapcare.

Speaking at the occasion, Maninder lauded the contribution of channel partners to Lapcare’s success and highlighted the need of closer interaction, prompt feedback & suggestion for taking Lapcare to newer heights.

He also unfurled the new mantra of the organization that emphasizes on achieving excellence and higher growth. Embarking on a journey of complete makeover, Lapcare aims to produce better products at highly competitive prices and deliver greater benefits to all.

Maninder added “The challenge was to get an effective technology platform with internal marketing support to run the program and TriggerO solved this for us most convincingly.

We partnered with TriggerO team to build a strong brand identity and engage our customers & partners like never before. They helped us conceptualize, manage and execute the program with their in-house technical and creative teams most effectively.”

10-Nov-2012 11:16:29